Plastic Bag Seams

Almost half of all marine mammal species including seals, whales and porpoises have been found dead from suffocation and starvation after having ingested plastic bags.

Between 290 to 300 plastic bags are used per person per year in the UK.

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  1. It is shocking that marine mammals are dying in ever increasing numbers, due to suffocation and starvation due to ingestion of plastic bags, etc, they must suffer terribly before finally dying, because like us, they are sentient living creatures that think and feel. They are almost our “cousins” of the seas, their mammalian anatomy is not evolved for dealing with plastic in the body tissues.
    It makes me very sad, to think that a mother whale could know that her offspring has ingested plastic, and is totally helpless and unable to save her offspring, and being intelligent she knows she will witness the agony of its death, and will grieve just like we do, for the loss of the next Generation of future life in our oceans.

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