Kitchen ocean science

It’s not just plastics that are a threat to our  Oceans…

As part of the water cycle, our oceans regulate the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. You might have heard forests referred to as ‘the lungs of the earth’ (and they are very important), but the oceans store 16 times more carbon than terrestrial ecosystems, around 30% of carbon dioxide from human activity.

If too much carbon dioxide is stored in the ocean we see something called ocean acidification. But what is ocean acidification?  And how does it affect our oceans?

Here, we will discover the science behind ocean acidification and how you can  create an easy, and very cool, experiment at home turning red cabbage…

 From this…

To this!



The Science

The Science
What is ocean acidification?  Ocean acidification reduces the amount of carbonate in the sea, affecting organisms whose bodies are made ...
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The Experiment

The Experiment
Making a Ocean acidification (pH) indicator This experiment uses the natural properties of the humble red cabbage as a magic ...
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Written by Juliet Maxted, Zoology graduate & Booth Museum volunteer 

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