Our Plastic Ocean, by Mandy Barker

8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year.
If these trends continue, our oceans will contain more plastic than
fish by 2050.

Journey through the world’s seas and take action against marine plastic pollution with award-winning photographer and activist, Mandy Barker.

Our Plastic Ocean is an Impressions Gallery touring exhibition, transformed into an online experience by Brighton Museum.

Barker collects debris from shorelines across the world and transforms them into powerful and captivating images. At first glance, Barker’s images suggest sea creatures suspended in the dark void of the sea, but closer inspection reveals a more disturbing reality. From footballs to fishing nets, cotton buds to coffee cup lids, Barker highlights the everyday plastic items now commonplace in our seas.

She says, ‘I hope to inspire positive action in tackling this increasing environmental challenge which is of global concern’.

Listen to Barker introducing the inspiration and process behind her work here:

Each of the sections below are a series of work which have been brought together in the  exhibition Our Plastic Ocean.

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Click here for a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into Barker’s work. To view more of Barker’s work and see her new series from her expedition to Henderson Island please visit her website.